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    Follett Shelf FAQs

    What is the Follett Shelf™?
    Which eContent is supported by Follett Shelf?
    How can I add databases and subscriptions to my Follett Shelf?
    What is a Guest account in Follett Shelf?
    How is the Guest account set up in Follett Shelf?
    What is a Patron account in Follett Shelf?
    Can I check out an eBook directly from the BryteWave K-12 Edition reader?
    Some of my eBooks are no longer relevant to my patron's needs; how can I remove or weed these titles in Follett Shelf?
    Why is there sometimes a delay before an eBook I close is available for use?
    How do my patrons access eBooks on Follett Shelf?
    How are the titles in our Follett Shelf sorted?
    Is it possible for my patrons to browse our Follett Shelf without having to sign in?
    How can patrons search Follett Shelf for specific titles or subjects?
    What reading level support is there in Follett Shelf?
    Can my patrons create reviews for the eBooks in my collection?
    Is there a Help section in Follett Shelf for users?
    There is an eBook inventory report in Follett Shelf. Please log in to your Follett Shelf as an administrator and click Help in the Setup section to see the help video on where to locate this report and how to use it.
    Can I add local subjects to my Follett eBooks in Follett Shelf?
    How are local subject headings searched in Follett Shelf?
    Can I restrict access to certain content for a group of patrons while allowing another group to use it?
    How do I load MARC records into Follett Shelf?
    What are the technical requirements for using Follett Shelf?
    Can my Follett eContent be accessed from my Follett Shelf and my library system?
    When trying to access Lerner Interactive Books from the Digital Resources tab, my patrons get the error message "You are not authorized to view this page." What can I do?
    How do I navigate to see all of my eBooks?
    What is the Bookbag?
    Where do I get to my Digital Resources?
    Can I update my patrons from one grade to the next (e.g. 1st graders becoming 2nd graders)?
    Can I access Follett Shelf from my smartphone?
    How does Follett Shelf work with Destiny?
    As a site administrator, how do I retrieve my password?
    Can I allow patrons to change their passwords in Follett Shelf?
    Can I segment my eBooks based on my orders?
    Will the BryteWave K-12 Edition app automatically sign me into Follett Shelf when I use the get more eBooks feature?
    Why does my eBook collection look different on my smartphone than on my tablet or PC?
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