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    • Groups feature simplifies assigning content to students
    • Restrict or allow teacher access to reports based on need


    Follett Shelf™
    Classroom Connections™

    Reimagine Instruction

    Follett Shelf Classroom Connections, an add-on service to the free Follett Shelf platform, is a digital program with instructional tools that facilitate lesson based interactions between teachers and students within Follett eBooks that you select.

    Powerful tools that support classroom instruction and digital learning:

    • Lesson Messaging gives teachers the ability to customize the eBook reading experience, support close reading, and focus learning on Common Core State Standards by sharing and communicating through eBook notes.
    • Reading Paths provides a structure for scaffolding to meet the needs of struggling readers, sequencing a series of eBooks for building content knowledge, and differentiating instruction for multiple groups.
    • Time on Task Reporting provides a variety of ways for measuring and monitoring student reading progress and provides insight into student reading habits.
    • One Search organizes your research databases so students can quickly view and utilize library resources
    • WebPath Express integration provides easy access to teacher approved websites to extend learning and support reading (WebPath Express license required).
    • Follett Shelf Parent Link will begin to include the adults in a student’s life with their eBook reading experience and encourage them to play an active role in their child’s reading explorations.

    For pricing information about this exciting Follett Shelf service please contact your Follett sales representative.

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