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    Using Follett eBooks

    Follett eBooks are versatile teaching tools. You can use them to enhance your existing lessons or build new ones around the eBooks’ interactive features.

    Blast an eBook onto your interactive whiteboard to capture the attention of the entire class. Titlewave® has tens of thousands of titles, so you can pick eBooks that interest your students to illustrate concepts. Use a graphic novel for examples of sentence structure or bring up a popular fiction title for a lesson on character development. You can highlight key passages as you read together, record class comments during discussions and indicate the correct answers with your whiteboard drawing tools.

    Working individually or in pairs, have students highlight opinions vs. facts in a historical novel. Have language arts students copy and paste five key passages that describe the main character in a novel. Copy and paste sections from an eBook and create customized worksheets for your students to reinforce classroom lessons. Or, have students complete an assignment by searching an eBook for specific facts or passages, and then copying and pasting them to a digital worksheet.

    Use eBooks individually or as a group to develop students’ reading and research abilities. Take advantage of the highlighting, note-taking and searching tools to demonstrate good research practices. Read along with students, looking up unfamiliar words and highlighting key sections to exercise their reading skills.


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